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Stage 2 - Unit 6 -1:2 Apply research activities to support solutions to a 3 dimensional problem in A&D

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Unit 6 -1:2 Apply research activities to support solutions to a 3 dimensional problem in A&D

It is essential that you start to produce your main body of research at the start of the assignment. Give yourself a week or two to complete the research within.

Top Tip - Produce the research work using your blog and use the title of the assessment criteria as the blog title as I have here. (You could just cut and paste my title). *Hard-copy material needs to be kept in your display folder.

Using the guidance from the previous unit conduct your research ensuring your resources are 'Sound' . Make sure you identify the links to the websites that you use for your research, this includes the images. Keep them as a list at the end of your blog page for this section. If you use magazines or books do the same thing. See here for guidance as to how you should do this. Note this is a requirement; If you've not done this previously you must do it within this assignment.

The photographers/artists that you must research are...
  1. David Hockney - My Mother Bolton Abbey 1980's (Joiners).
  2. Gwon Osang - People sculpture portraits
  3. Rachel Whiteread - House 1993 (YBA)
  4. Tracy Emin - Un-made Bed 1998 (YBA)
  5. Andy Warhol - Brillo boxes 1969 (Pop Art)
  6. Alex Katz - Figurative 3D paintings.

You will need to find and upload the images for all of these artists showing that you've conducted research using the correct methods (Start to compile your bibliography). All six artists must be identified and annotated with your initial response to them. (Keep this part short and concise).

Then pick the artist that you're work is going to be influenced by the most and David Hockney as a compulsory artist. You must choose have detailed research for 2 artists in total that you look at in more depth and analyse. Seek high quality research material for the main part of your research, add to your bibliography and *print off text based research material and keep in your display folder.

Using the 13 point prompt sheet  read the articles that you've printed off or watch the videos and write up your analysis of the work and the artist's work processes, intentions, message and meaning. Discuss the use of the research and how it influences your work. What is it that you're going to borrow from these artists to inform your own work?

This work needs to be completed in your blog over the first week of the assignment.
David Hockney My Mother Bolton Abbey
Gwon Osang
 Alex Katz
 Rachel Whiteread - House 1993
Rupert Shrive
 Tracy Emin - Un-made Bed 1998
Andy Warhol - Brillo Boxes 1969
This video here includes some footage that indicates the materials and methods that Gwon Osang uses...
Useful links David Hockney

It is important given the time you have to get the research done quickly.

Summary/Check list

  • Images and quick simple research details for all of the artists listed here and any Graham or Merlin have suggested that you like. All under the heading (New post) - "Unit 6 -1:2 Apply research activities to support solutions to a 3 dimensional problem in A&D". This should be achieved and completed by the end of Wednesday.
  • The two detailed bodies of research using the 13 point prompt sheet to generate your written responses. This needs to be completed by the end of Monday 9th.
  • Tuesday - reflect on the research process and learning using Gibbs.
If you use the Gibbs method at the end of the research you will then be prompted to 'Action Plan' (6). If you do so, you'll then be addressing this assessment criteria -

Unit 6 - 2:1 Demonstrate the ability to plan, organise and prepare solutions to a 3 dimensional problem in A&D

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