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Stage 1 - Unit 6-1:1 Analysing the requirements and parameters of a 3D problem.

Stage 1                                                                          How to use pictures on your blog

Making sense of assignment briefs is an important aspect of working as a photographer. Assignment briefs, their requirements and parameters are often vague and difficult to fully understand. It’s essential that you read the information and understand what it is you’ve been set to do. If in doubt you should ask questions, but in the first instance, analyse the information you have in the brief before asking.

Read through the brief and then up write a summarised version of what is required. What does the brief ask you to do?

Parameters These are the boundaries and limitations, the things that are set in granite such as, deadlines, minimums, maximums, things that you simply must or must not do. Identify these and write about these identifying them as parameters.
Also think about your own parameters and those associated directly to the three-dimensional aspect of the work – what is that you can and can’t do…

What if I decided to photograph the inside of a large space as a joiner and then printed off the thousands of images and lined the walls of a small space and made into a 3D rendition of the larger space”?
Realistically have you got the time, resources and print credits to do this, would you be able to find someone to allow you to stick hundreds of images on the walls of the small space?

If you answer with a ‘No’ you therefore have identified a time, resource and financial parameters. You may wish to do this, but when you think about it, it's not realistic?
This section of your work needs to be completed early within the assignment prior to starting the practical work e.g. within the first two weeks as and when you write up your proposal.

Top Tips

(1). Produce the majority of the written work, including your research using Blogger. Name all of the posts for this unit using the Unit number. Because this work relates directly to an assessment criteria name the blog entry using the criteria…
(2). Get this task done and written up on your blog within this lesson or at the very latest in the next 24 hours, ready to move on to the next stage.
(3). Buy yourself an A3 display folder to use for the presentation of your final images and to start setting aside work that will form your University/Job application portfolio. You can also use this for presenting any ‘Hard-copy’ work for this unit. Number the pages in order that you can cross-reference material in the folder via your blog entry.



Further Guidance & Recommendations

Over the course of the assignment you are required to produce a final piece which integrates photography and 3D art.

The work needs to be produced over a number of development stages (tests/trials). Refer to your assignment.
This blog will guide you through the different stages. You will need to keep up with the work and produce the work within the time scales set.
Ideally you'll have already be using the books that we recommended that you bought at the start of the course (See here). Alongside looking at the British Journal of Photography and other journals on a weekly basis in the Learning Resources centre of the 1st floor of the college.

If you have been researching independently, you may have already seen work that might inspire your project in the next couple of weeks. Failing that, we're going to be directing you towards a few recommended starting points later in the blog.

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